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How the story began…

Me, him, us - Anna Eurich Photography

Our story started in July 2014...

My name is Anna and I photographed my very first wedding accidentally in Berlin.

This moment was so magical to me and straight away I understood that this is going to be my passion!

As soon as I processed all the impressions and the great feedback that I've received from the married couple - I suddenly realised that I have accomplished my mission.
I wrote a piece of history and I captured these moments forever.

This was the first hour of creating my own company: Anna Eurich Photography. A couple of months later our videographer joined us and this is when we got complete as a team.

Together we travelled the world and captured hundred of love stories together.

Where you go, I go. Where you stay, I stay. Your nation is my nation. Your god is my god.

About me

I am a young mother of two cute little girls. 

There are many things that interested me but one thing I know for sure: I am open and curious about new and innovative Ideas! 

One of many passions is the love for travelling and meeting new places and people. I like good and exciting conversations with interesting people in a great atmosphere and that is why wedding photography is my big love. 

I love the beautiful and emotional moments of life. 

There is nothing better than capturing real feelings, the love and the passion of a wedding couple. Putting my creativity into scene for a young family is what I enjoy most and I am most pleased and satisfied with my work.

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